Free flow Dance.

Free Flow Dance is a beautifully held, flowing space that encourages us to feel into our bodies and hearts, trusting in the movement that arises. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

We are encouraged to raise our awareness of others and to take care to listen to ourselves and the invitation to meet and move as one, in flow with each other and the group as a whole.

Julia ensures a sense of safety, clarifying our boundaries and how we can each move towards and away from others, shift in and out of the dance and choose to be a witness if we prefer to take some time in a passive role.

Julia guides us alongside a special playlist of tracks, unique to each occasion, inviting us on a journey to drop into the dance and travel through various exercises before exploring together in a freestyle way.

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"The way in which you create the sessions with your guidance allows me to relax enough to drop my tendancy of trying to force some way of moving that I think is good but creates disconnection with the other person and what really feels good.

Out of that little death is born a freshness and excitement as I feel a shared aliveness and from there I usually perform my best too, meeting my original goal that I had to drop earlier!

Your sessions have the depth of all your experience and passion beautifully joined."




From head to toes, we begin the session  bringing our attention to various areas of the body, gently letting the mind go and following the natural flow of the movement



We begin to meet others in the space, finding our way to approach, share and let go of connections as they drop in and out of our dance. We are always at choice.



Eventually the space is open for us to explore and dip in and out of connections as we travel on a journey together. It is always a mystery and totally unique.