8-week forró courses

Julia's 8 week beginners and improvers courses are a fantastic way to develop your style and Forró vocabulary while getting to know a small group.

- Closed group of 8-12 students

- Printed handouts and videos!

- Lots of time for practice and socialising too

- Refreshments included to share

Julia's lessons are light and fun, starting with the basic rhythms and steps, and moving onto more complex movements to get a real feel for this beautiful dance from the Northeast of Brazil. She is passionate about ensuring everyone feels welcome and finds their own way to enjoy dancing!



Brazilian Forró is an easy-to-learn

partner dance for everyone to connect! Julia loves teaching those who say they can't dance - "Everyone can dance!"



The steps begin in a simple way that everyone can get to grips with! "It's a little like walking - we can always step from one foot to the other - it's that simple"

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The essence of forró is about the connection between the dancers. Julia brings our attention to this sense of connection in many ways.

Where to find Julia's Forró classes:

Forró Family in London - Julia's regular weekly London forró night. We recently celebrated 10 years of Forró Family!

Forró Family in Brighton - Our sister group in Brighton has been growing strong for over 3 years and runs regular classes every Monday.

Julia also runs 2 annual Forró festivals, Chamego in Brighton in May and Forró Fest UK, just north of London, in August. These festivals bring musicians, teachers and dancers together from all corners of the world and have become one of the highlights in the forrózeiros calendar!