About Julia.

Julia wasn’t always a dance fanatic.

She could enjoy a wiggle on the dance floor, but just like many of us, there would normally be alcohol involved, and she never really felt confident about how she moved, so there was often more going on in her head than in her body.

It was only in her 20s, once she’d decided to give drugs and alcohol a break, that she realised there was so much to gain from being more aware of her body.

Through listening and following the wisdom of her movements, Julia found herself connecting both internally and in other ways she never could have imagined.

Through dancing in community, Julia discovered that she could not only unravel the mysteries of her mind, but also find new ways to explore her relationships and her sense of being, so powerfully that she devoted herself to the practice of dance.. and has not for a moment looked back!

Julia fell in love with a Brazilian partner dance called “Forró” as well as various styles of more freestyle moving such as

5 rhythms, Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improvisation.

She has undertaken many dance training programmes over the last 20 years including a year-long self enquiry through Moving Soul, Ecstatic Awakening teacher training and more.         

She has been teaching Brazilian Forró for over 10 years as part of London's "Forró Family" and she has more recently expanded her offerings to incorporate elements of other forms as she shares her passion for moving connections in a variety of welcoming and refreshing ways.

Julia strongly believes everyone and everyone can dance.

She loves to inspire and support individuals and groups to move through any obstacles that can arise, trusting that they themselves are at the centre of our process of expansion.